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Online Instructor Academy

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The courses within the academy will introduce basic to advanced online instruction concepts that inform the best teaching pedagogies that maximize teaching effectiveness throughout the online facilitation process. The key to successful online instruction resides in following teaching methodologies that are flexible in meeting a wide variety of learner needs and revamping the classroom in a way that bridges technology to build community and connectedness in the learning process. The typical instructional processes of in person learning are requiring a closer look at online instruction as learners seek flexible means for acquiring an education, not to mention the impact that technological shifts have made on education. Oftentimes, the online instructor is expected to expand their role, which usually includes being the facilitator, guide, and technologist, and it has become more critical now more than ever as institutions and corporations are shifting to presenting content that is offered in multiple formats to embrace the reality that online teaching effectiveness requires a level of training that spans outside of subject matter expertise and more into the ability to pivot when using technology, as it now has become the conduit for learning to occur. The lack of undergoing specialized training that considers both the pedagogies of learning and technology puts the online instructor at a disadvantage when faced with the demands that this modality plays in today's classroom.

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Online Instructor Academy

Online Instructor Academy

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