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Coaching designed specifically for the instructional design enthusiast. 

Fully online interactive sessions filled with personable and customized coaching sessions.


PANDRAGOGY offers customized Instructional Design Coaching where you set the tone and pace for your coaching!  Individualized sessions are based on where you are in your ID journey.  Select from the sessions that you feel could assist you the most! All coaching sessions are offered in a fully virtual online setting.  

Embark in a low-cost, fun, educational and engaging coaching format offered by Dr. Luvon Hudson. 


Hello, I am Luvon and I am will be your coach!  I am a 15-year education veteran that holds a Masters in Training & Development and a PhD in Instructional Design for Online Learning.


My background includes working in higher-ed, corporate HR, and professional development, where I have lead online learning and instructional design initiatives, currently the VP of Professional Development for a K-12 STEM research organization, and I teach online for Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) and most recently received SNHU's 2022 Distinguished Online Teacher (DOT) award.


You have a pretty good foundation or you are a new ID graduating from an instructional design program. 


These sessions will give you a glimpse of an exciting career in Instructional Design and help you determine if this is the field for you or if you need to run for the hills!

If you are an educator making a transition from the front of the room to behind the scenes. 

Discuss concepts that you will use outside of the classroom and get you ready as you make the transition to the real-world of Instructional Design!​

New Instructional Designer

You know the ins and outs but could crank it up a notch! 


Get a refresh to refine your craft and level up your ID expertise.

Transitioning  Instructional Designer

Existing  Instructional Designer

60-minute virtual coaching sessions offered in tiers of

5, 10 or 15 sessions

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