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PANDRAGOGY'S Online Educator Assessment (OEA) has revolutionized how institutions support, change behaviors, and promote professional development opportunities for online educators.  When used as an essential tool this assessment aids in changing individual perceptions and successfully transforms the online learning environment. 

Take the assessment to:

Review and measure personality dynamics interpreted by Pandragogy’s online educator assessment to examine how your results impact the online learning environment.
Hone in on the various personality traits of your online facilitation.
Stay informed about your individual performance as an online educator.
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The OEA is more than a personality test, as it assesses common tendencies found in your teaching style and philosophy.  The results are intended to strengthen competencies in the areas of Communication, Adaptability, Flexibility, and Emotional & Social Intelligence (C.A.F.E.) when performing as an online educator.

These categories are critical for the success of educators and students in online learning environments and a thorough review of your individual behavioral characteristics must be assessed on a periodic basis; as attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors do change depending on extraneous or situational factors.

Benefits of the Online Educator Assessment

Immediate Feedback

At the completion of your assessment you will receive a customized downloadable report that can be used as a guide when seeking additional online educator professional development.

Prescriptive Measures

Strategies, tips, and personalized advice is provided in each area assessed to enhance competencies that point towards a need for improvement or confirm current practices that have yielded successful results in your online learning environment that you should continue implementing.

Teaching Style & Philosophy Indicators

There are no right or wrong answers, only indicators of your teaching style and philosophy that may hinder or assist in producing the most optimal outcomes in the online learning environment.


Results assist in helping you to know more about your abilities as an online educator.  What are your weaknesses and strengths and how can you improve them? How do you handle stress in the online environment? How do you respond to conflict?

What motivates you?



Designed specifically to assess the online learning educator. 

Fully customized assessment filled with individualized and actionable professional development strategies.

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